The Food Artist brings ideas, stories & concepts to life using illustration and design...
It's called Food Communication!

Tina van den Broek is a food communication artist, who has a love of ingredients that blur the boundaries between food and fine-liners. Her experience in the food, art, graphic design, advertising and marketing arenas around the world have made it easy for her to combine her passions into what she calls "Food Communication".

Illustrations add personality and interest to your product, brand or image as they tell a story and communicate a message instantly. This allows you to connect with your audience in a fun, friendly way.

Tina collaborates with graphic designers, art directors, advertising and marketing agencies, architects, chefs, business owners and individuals, to bring ideas to life through illustration.


But what is food communication?

Basically food communication is a method of using food and food related paraphernalia to communicate ideas, stories and concepts visually through illustration and design. 

Today food is much more than just a means of survival. It permeates all other aspects of our lives from the most intimate to the most professional practices. It also is a key factor in how we view ourselves and others, and it is a mainstay of popular media.

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed a rise in food-focused consumption, media, and culture, such that there has been what we could label a "food explosion".

It seems as if food, and the discourses surrounding it, are all over the place from Jaime Oliver‘s ventures into American school lunchrooms to news stories about urban gardening or buying organic products at the local farmer‘s market.

There is a heightened awareness of food‘s significance within contemporary society and culture and, as such, The Food Artist wants to explore this visually!


How The Food Artist can help you

  • Illustrations can be used to add personality and interest to your brand.
  • Tell a story or convey an idea or concept, through illustration.
  • Personalise your social media content, blog, recipe book, eBook, magazine or presentation.
  • Print illustrations onto fabrics to make serviettes, table cloths, aprons and place mats, t-shirts, etc.
  • Spruce up a wall for your café, restaurant, food truck or pop up space by painting or creating wallpapers.
  • Make great gifts for that person who has it all. 
  • Create interest inside or out with hand-lettered and drawn blackboards, food cabinets and wall signage.
  • Bespoke food labels, stamps, tags, place cards and menus identify or personalise your treats at a wedding, birthday, market or promotional event.

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